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The Mongolian Navy

The Mongolian navy has seven sailors, one of whom can swim. Their only vessel is an obsolete tug that hasn't been maintained for years. Cut adrift by the collapse of communism, the now-privatised fleet is reduced to offering tourist trips on the remote lake that has been its home for generations. As a Mongolian scholar tells us, it's quite a comedown from the 13th century, when Kublai Hakan commanded the mightiest fleet in the world. But in the distend capital, Mongolia's only qualified deep-sea navigator and the President of the Mongolian Sea-Lovers Association have come up with a visionary plan to revive their country's naval vigour… In the land of horses, The Mongolian Navy: all at sea examines the glorious past, precarious present and ambitious future of the world's most landlocked country, all seen through the surprisingly revealing lens of its navy. This documentary shows the seven sailors struggling to keep their ship afloat to be not figures of fun, but passionate heroes cherishing a proud tradition.

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