Litmus Films


The Ukes In America: What happened when the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and America discovered each other.  (57min, Nov. 2013, crowdfunded & Sky Arts)

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Live At Sydney Opera House: double disc DVD with innovative musical notation subtitles of the band's sellout gig at Australia's iconic venue  (60min, Sky Arts, Dec '12)

The Ukes Down Under: back-of-the-tour-bus view of the first ever Australian tour of cult uke legends The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain  (60min, crowdfunded, DVD & online, Sep '12)

Chessboxing: You Saw It Here First: The first documentary look at the new hybrid sport that combines brains and brawn  (15min, NHK, Nov '11)

Crisis in Chinatown: a look at the quiet despair behind your takeaway counter. How Britain’s Chinese community is responding to the crisis brought on by Britain’s immigration crackdown.  (20min, NHK, Mar ’10).

Unravelling the Vikings: a hands-on researcher living on an self-built, off-grid island hideway in a Norwegian fjord, uses a unique oral history approach to finding living links to our Viking ancestors.  (20min, NHK, Nov ’09)

The Budapest Children’s Railway: educational excellence helps a communist relic survive Hungary’s transition to capitalism.  (23min, NHK, Teachers TV, Community Channel)

Gyms for All: a pioneering ex-Special Olympic powerlifter creates a national project to make gyms welcome people with disability.  (20min, NHK, May ’09)

Arctic Outdoor Preschool: the benefits of outdoor preschool education, even in the Arctic north of Norway  (20min, NHK, Teachers TV, Community Channel, Dec ’08). (Winner, Youth Category at the Northern Character Film Festival, Murmansk Nov ’09)

Fryshuset: teenage troublemakers-turned-role models tackle Stockholm’s immigrant gang problems  (20min, NHK, Apr ’08)

Sir’s Happy Little Greenhouse World: an inspirational teacher turns a rural English state school into a world centre for orchid conservation  (20min, NHK, Nov ’07)

Looking for Love in Modern Ireland: how Ireland’s economic boom changed finding a spouse, as seen by a 3rd-generation traditional matchmaker  (20min, NHK, Nov ‘06)

Bill Dunster’s Zero-Carbon Mission: Britain’s leading eco-architect battles to bring his radical but low-tech ideas to the construction mainstream  (20min, NHK, Oct ’06)

4 Strings & The Truth: Britain's best-kept musical secret, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, just before they made it big and sparked a global ukulele boom  (24min, NHK & DVD, Jun ’06)

How to be Big and Green: An English organic farmer works out how to reconcile commercial success with sustainable values  (20min, NHK, Mar ’06)

Europe’s Wind Powerhouse: how a neglected corner of Spain became wind power’s most remarkable success story.  (20min, NHK, Jul ’05)

Beslan: hour-by-hour analysis of Russia’s worst terrorist nightmare – how could it have been avoided?  (50min, NHK, Apr ’05)

Room for the Rivers: Holland’s radical new plan to resist global warming – after centuries of building bigger, stronger dikes it's time to give in to Nature and create more floodplain  (20min, NHK, Dec ’04)

Pop Superpower Sweden: how a country of six million, with a language no one else speaks, became the world’s third biggest exporter of music  (20min, NHK, Feb ’04)

The Terem Quartet: St Petersburg’s virtuoso folk ensemble do musically what their city did architecturally – assemble the world’s best, then Russify it  (20min, NHK, Apr ’03)

Nicaraguan Coffee Crisis: the disastrous impact of the coffee price slump on the impoverished communities of Matagalpa  (7min, BBC World, Jul ’03)

The Man With Five Jobs: air-traffic controller, country & western singer, radio host, snowball tournament organizer and local councillor - one man’s efforts to keep the soul of a dieing Arctic community alive  (20min, NHK, Nov ’02)

The Mongolian Navy: all at sea: Mongolia’s seven sailors, single boat, and accidentally-qualified deep-sea navigator provide an unlikely but compelling metaphor for their country’s glorious past, precarious present, and uncertain future. (30min, ABC Australia, Kuwait TV & others, Aug


Tamils of the Tundra: The remarkable story of how refugees from the tropics rescued the fishing industry in one Norwegian Arctic community  (BBC World, CBC, Apr’00)