Litmus Films


UK China Challenge is a 4-part Chinese-language game show series, made in 2003 by Infonation Media , which ended up being watched by more than 100 million Chinese viewers.

The show was co-presented by Litmus Films' Robert Stern and Yu Zhen from CCTV, and featured two teams made up of British students of Chinese, and Chinese students in living in Britain.  The teams competed in a series of challenges involving crash courses by industry expert mentors in new skills, and teamwork in getting the best possible result by the deadline.

In Episode 1, the teams had 2 days to make a 30 second TV commercial to a particular client's brief.  In Episode 2, they had 3 days to conceive and execute an interior design makeover of a London flat to a client's brief. In Episode 3 they had 2 days to design and construct a four metre scale model of a suspension bridge in Newcastle.   The final episode was an outdoor survival challenge in the Brecon Beacons , where they could 'cash in' the points they accumulated in the previous challenges. 

Here are introductions to the 2nd and 4th episodes.